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One of my skills is effective communication through written work. I especially enjoy writing informative blog posts.


Why Nonprofits Need Data Mindfulness

The missions of nonprofits are grounded in making change and creating social value. When you feel strongly about a cause or have deeply rooted emotions for the work you are doing, it can be easy to get caught up in making gut decisions that may turn out to be detrimental to your mission. Data Mindfulness allows you to make decisions to support your gut , or prove it wrong, while continuing your work towards your mission.


How To Prepare Your Data for Grants and Funding

Incorporating data into grants and funding requests is critical for startups and nonprofits alike. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the ways that you can integrate data mindfulness into preparing your organization’s data for grants or funding requests.


How Creating Good Data Habits Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

This article will focus on the some of the steps we practice at EqualTo for nonprofit data management. We’ve identified four phases for incorporating data mindfulness into your organization’s day-to-day operations.


How to Reduce Bias in Your Data Process

At the core of data mindfulness is recognizing that data is not an objective truth. Becoming fluent in understanding where data has been sourced from, understanding the ins and outs of the analysis of your data, and the context clues of data in reports, data sets, and from organizations is important to get a whole picture of the story the data conveys.